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Head's Speech

The Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology is one of the most important sections of the healthcare system. During the past years, this department has progressed noticeably. Currently, the department is in charge of the educational sectors in Imam Reza and Omid hospitals of Mashhad, Iran. Furthermore, our faculty members often attend Ghaem and Hasheminejad hospitals of Mashhad to perform their tasks.

In line with the significant responsibility of education and training, the department plays a pivotal role in the research and studies relating to cancer and non-surgical solid cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy and radiotherapy, offering a wide range of therapeutic and healthcare services to the patients.

The Cancer Research Center at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences mainly operates by the members. By 2016, number of the graduates from this field reached 13 candidates. Presently, the department has 11 faculty members, who are involved in the education, assistance courses and internship courses. Moreover, all the members of the department are committed to making progress and enhancing the quality of education at this center.

It is hoped that with the support and cooperation of all the professors, assistants and students, the promotion of the educational, therapeutic and research domains continue to rise.


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